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  • Siberia

    The DMS in Siberia was a resounding success!





  • Mongolia

    The Mongolian summer retreat was a great success.



  • Korea


  • Taiwan

    The Ananda Marga women’s and children’s center in Meinong continues to grow and thrive:


    Due to our regular service activities over the past three years at the Elderly Care Center at Zao Ru, Taipei, Ananda Marga was invited to its 10th anniversary celebrations. Dada Kaladharananda attended the ceremony and had the opportunity to meet Taiwan’s Vice President, Wu Den Yih, who appreciated Ananda Marga’s efforts.




    Social service programs:
    Mentally Challenged School at Lin Kou
    Ai Ai Nursing Home at Taipei
    Chang Gang Nursing Home at Lin Kou
    Taipei Prison at Taoyuen

    Basketball Wave project:
    Social service

    Education activities

    Teacher’s Yoga and Meditation Camp

    Youth Yoga and Meditation Camp

    More social service images and videos:




    As in the previous three years, in 2013 we had our annual 15-day Taiwan Kiirtan Parikrama, a great opportunity for devotees from all over the island to drift in bliss and sing the name of Divine in unison. We visited most units of Taiwan with a blissful 3-hour Akhanda Kiirtan and sensed a wonderful family feeling everywhere.


    We were unable to visit Yilan, Hualien and Taitung this time due to road problems, so instead we organized 2 days of social service in the south, which brought the perfect blending of inner inspiration through kiirtan and giving happiness to all through serving those in need.

    The first social service took place in the Home of Love nursing home in Kaohsiung. Local margiis joined the Kiirtan Tour Team to bring the Divine’s love and care to the elderly, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone.

    See photos from Home of Love nursing home here.

    We have visited nursing homes many times, so our second social service was much more unusual, yet very special and touching. We visited a dog shelter on the outskirts of Meinong. A single lady, Gao Mama, looks after more than 600 dogs by herself. Her daughters and their husbands are able to help from time to time and volunteers come sometimes. We helped to clean up a lot of things, cleared some areas for better use, and generally gave love to every dog that crossed our path while being there.

    See photos from dog shelter here.

    The Kiirtan Parikrama ended at the Ananda Suruci Master Unit, where lots of devotees gathered to sing Baba Nam Kevalam.

    Some kiirtan from the 2011 DMS:





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  • Japan


    Following the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and 10-meter high tsunami that hit northeastern Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011, AMURT & AMURTEL worked in the coastal towns of Sendai, Tamajo, Shichigahama and Tagajo, serving the elderly by clearing their houses and providing psycho-social programs for the internally displaced people in the camps managed by the local authorities. A large influx of Ananda Marga members from many areas of Japan sacrificed their limited free time to volunteer.

    As well as clearing mud and detritus from homes and cleaning parks and beaches, AMURT & AMURTEL ran children’s programs including games and English classes, distributed bicycles to schoolchildren and elderly left grounded by the tsunami, and generally offered emotional support to anyone in need by listening to their stories and plans for the future.