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  • Venezuela

    Read the latest news from the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela.

    The first Global Conference on Neohumanist Education to be held in Caracas, Venezuela concluded with much inspiration and positive interactions among educators, social activists and project coordinators from South and North America and Europe. It was co-sponsored by the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela and Ananda Marga Gurukula.

    On Monday, April 14, more than 180 participants came to the science faculty auditorium at the largest and oldest educational institute in the country, the Universidad Central de Venezuela, for an all-day program, to hear dynamic speakers from around the world. Presentations included cutting-edge holistic educational initiatives that are taking place in Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, India, Venezuela and the United States.





    Following this one-day program, 50 people attended the three-day intensive seminar held at the Quinta Prout. Seven Brazilian Neohumanist schools in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre sent representatives to this meeting, plus the preschool in Lima, Peru and of course the preschool in Caracas, Venezuela. The conference presented a unique opportunity for them all to meet and share their experiences.

    Much inspiration was shared during the closing ceremony. Here is one of the comments:

    “One month before the conference I had a dream in which many people were dancing in an auditorium with the colors of the rainbow. When I saw the poster for this conference with the colors of the rainbow, I was very happy. And when at the end of the conference in the university auditorium we did circular dancing on the stage and then together sang the song Venezuela, I realized that my dream had come true.”

    Complementary programs during the week included a trip with 70 people to the local Botanical Gardens where Ananda Marga guru Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar had visited. Dada Shambhushivananda gave a public talk to 70 students and teachers at the International School, and to 50 students and professors at the Pedagogical Institute. A bus trip to visit Centro Madre had 30 participants. Ole Brekke gave a one-day clown workshop to 40 very enthusiastic participants. And four radio interviews took place before the event, two on Venezuelan National Radio.


    Centro Madre, located two hours drive from Caracas in Barlovento, Venezuela, dedicates itself to a variety of educational and agriculture projects for personal and community transformation.


    Read the latest news from Centro Madre

    Centro Madre is a National Model of Small-Scale Sustainable Agriculture
    by local publication Venezuela Analysis

    More information…

    Prout features in the Daily Journal

    The Prout Research Institute of Venezuela produced this
    article on Prout (Progressive Utilization Theory) for the
    Journal of Labor and Society

  • Chile


    Ananda Marga Chile continues to run its yoga instructor courses as intensives during the summer, and throughout the year as well. They have become well recognised in Chile for their spiritual depth and non-commercial flavour. Costs are kept to a minimum in order to give a chance to everyone to participate in this special experience.

    Our yoga teacher training has became well-known in Santiago city for its spiritual content and affordable cost. At the summer course at our rural retreat, 23 people shared the mystical experience of the 15-day training, with spiritual philosophy, asanas, kiirtan, workshops and vegetarian diet. The city course started in April with 35 students. These students also go to our rural retreat every second weekend for theoretical classes.


    The course is unique in Chile because our yoga system is complete, including all aspects of traditional yoga, and this holistic approach is very popular. It’s a great experience to be trained in our wonderful retreat center near the great Rapel lake. People really experience a special grace there. After intensive spiritual practices for 15 days they feel a deep change in their soul and only return home with great difficulty!

    A new yoga teacher course started in the port of San Antonio. It’s a collaboration between Ananda Marga and the municipality. 34 students joined and now are taking the annual course, Dada Mokshananda and two other asanas instructors are traveling there regularly to give the classes. Two more courses, Ayurvedic medicine and herbal medicine, will start in June.

    Also this year, on the occasion of Ananda Purnima a full moon kiirtan with delicious vegetarian food was attended by 130 members of the public.

    More information…

  • New Zealand

    Our awesome kiirtan group was performed at the VoSe festival in February 2014. Groups such as Shakti, Amma, Sahaja Yoga, Hari Krishna and Sufis as well as Ananda Marga performed kiirtan on the Willow stage as part of the multi-faith akhanda kiirtan. Our Ananda Marga kiirtan group performed twice and we were the only ones to include dynamic lalita marmika dance in the kiirtan performance.




    Various other activities have been taking place on the scene in Aotearoa:


    Local AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) volunteers responded to the Christchurch earthquake by distributing rescue remedy to psychologically traumatised victims.

    Download the response reports here:

    Report 1
    Report 2
    Report 3

  • White Skin Black Spirit

    Acarya Narada Muni recently produced a documentary telling the story of a white-skinned Aboriginal woman discovering her roots. The documentary was aired on Australian TV ABC’s Message Stick program.


  • Guatemala

    Didi Ananda Tapomaya conducted a course on Neohumanist Education in Guatemala for the teachers of the Limonada school. She is pictured here with one of the students receiving an award.


  • Haiti

    Didi Ananda Jiivaprema is on a mission in Haiti


  • Mexico

    A program for the promotion of adolescent health held at the Auditorium Cuernavaca introduced 1,000 young people from various institutions around the city to natural health techniques.


    Dada Divyalokehananda was the celebrated guest at the biggest theatre in Cuernavaca called Theatre Ocampo Cuernavaca.



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