Yoga Wellness Center at Ananda Nagar

The new Yoga Wellness Centre has opened!


Report by Dada Dharmavedananda:

I am excited and guess you may also be to know that a branch of our Ananda Marga Wellness Centers will open this year in India.

Wonderfully, it will be in our number one most spiritual place, Ananda Nagar. It is on this land that the greatest concentration of tantra piithas (spiritual hotspots) are located (more than 70). Each tantra piitha was created by the meditation of yogis who achieved enlightenment while sitting on these spots.

The reputation of our Wellness Centers is well known. Since their beginnings 9 years ago, we have had nearly 100% success rate. Approximately 1,000 people who each stayed 2 or 3 weeks or so, were healed or experienced radical improvement from all sorts of chronic and degenerative diseases. People say it is miraculous how effective our approach is, even though we basically only use the simple natural lifestyle approach prescribed by Baba to detox and strengthen body and mind.

Full-fledged centers are running in the Philippines and in the USA; centers are coming up in Taiwan and Finland; Wellness programs are frequently held in Australia, Southeast Asia and South Africa; with occasional programs in about ten other countries.

Plus we recently finished our annual one-month training, and this time there were 17 trainees from all over the world. It means more places will see Wellness programs.

And now in India!

This center will help so many yogis to recover their health, so many general people from around the country, so many poor people from the nearby localities, and surely there will also be people who come from different countries. We will combine our ideal health program with a profound spiritual program (including daily experiences of tantra piitha meditation) so that you will be able to deeply benefit on all levels.

We already lined up an experienced general manager for the Wellness Center, plus head chef and head medical in-charge. All of them are not only efficient but also spiritually developed people.

We began construction work in March 2013, and it has been going on continuously since then. This video was made in May 2013:

Now the four buildings are about 70% completed with most of the sewage and electrical systems already installed. On our property of one acre, there are ten different types of fruit trees (45 fruit trees in total). And it’s in a perfect place in Ananda Nagar! The property stands alone surrounded by fresh air and is only 2 minutes walk from the central-most spot of Ananda Nagar (i.e., the DMS Pandal where our twice-yearly massive congregations are held).

We aim to complete the construction within the next months. And then we will open our doors!

Nevertheless, i must say at present we only have sufficient funds for the work through April or so. By very generous donations from around the world, we raised until now US$65,000. To complete the construction, to purchase necessary equipment and furniture, and for minimal start-up fund we still need another $45,000.

If you can help, that will be really super! Small and large amounts are equally important to us, as they are always given from the heart.

If you cannot give something immediately, but can make a pledge to give at a future date, that will also be excellent, as we can fortunately borrow from another fund with the understanding it will surely be covered later.

If you can help, please write me and i will email our Singapore bank account details for donations. I also have a PayPal account if that is more convenient for you.

Ananda Nagar is about 2/3 of the way from Delhi to Kolkata, deep in the countryside, and only 20 minutes train ride from Bokaro Steel City. Since 1966 Ananda Marga has been developing on this ancient land numerous projects including schools, colleges, student hostels, hospital, children’s homes, cottage industries, organic farms, dairy farm etc. In this area of 120 square kilometers there are 55 villages having 100,000 people, who are among the poorest of the country, with about 70% illiteracy.

With great enthusiasm and passion for our Wellness Centers and programs, and especially for this project,

Dada Dharmavedananda